Please read carefully and feel free to contact us toll-free at 855-4BESPOKE (855-423-7765) or to contact artist Well Jenkins toll-free at 888-90-WELLS (888-909-3557) with any questions! Photos for Wells Ware vintage photo charm jewelry must be sent to Wells as physical/hard copies; they cannot be emailed or uploaded. Send all photos and requested information listed below to: WELLS WARE, P.O. Box 1596, New York, NY 10025. Allow 2½ weeks after receipt of your photos, plus shipping time, for your completely custom heirloom jewelry. 

1. For photo charms, you can submit photos, or other documents such as a wedding invitation or birth announcement. You can also submit a small swatch of fabric, lace or even a lock of hair (these will be placed between glass and show on both sides of charm). Photos can be color, or can be converted to black and white, or sepia tone if desired. Please indicate whether you want photos to be color, black and white, or sepia.

2. We request that you send copies rather than originals, if at all possible. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage. Photos of any size can be used, but smaller is better. Each time a photo is reduced it loses clarity. Photos or documents over 4” x 6” will incur a $5 fee for photo work. Please note: Color and tones of original photos may vary slightly when reduced.

3. The easiest way to indicate your preferences is to photocopy all the photos onto a sheet (or sheets) of paper and indicate your instructions next to each photo as listed below. If that is not possible, please write instructions on back of each photo.

4. On necklaces, please indicate whether you would like the charms to be fixed (attached in one spot, so they’re spaced evenly) or loose (on a larger ring so they move freely but will cluster together).

5. Because the photos are encased in glass, you can choose two different photos for each charm, if desired—one for the front and one for the back (or you can have the same photo on both sides). When you submit photos, please indicate whether you want it to appear on front or back, or both, of charm.

6. Please indicate what shape charm you would like for each photo—rectangle (horizontal or vertical), square, oval or circle. Or indicate if you would prefer Wells to choose based on size and shape of photo.

7. If you are ordering multiple photo charms for the same necklace or bracelet, please indicate on the photo the order in which you want them to appear, from left to right, by numbering them 1, 2, 3, etc.

8. Please write your name, phone number and the item of jewelry it is for on back of each photo or document. (Make sure to let ink dry or it may smudge on another photo.) For fabric swatches or hair, please place them in a small plastic bag and mark that with the name, phone and item. Place all photos, documents and swatches for the same piece of jewelry together in one envelope, and mark it with the item of jewelry you’re ordering, your name and phone number.

9. Place everything in a larger envelope and mail to:
P.O. BOX 1596
New York, NY 10025

If you have questions, please call 1-888-90-WELLS or (212) 222-9177.