I’ve always felt that gifts are a very important part of our lives. When chosen with care, gifts celebrate and honor our relationships, and the gifts we receive help fill our homes with love. I believe it’s important to mark and celebrate what is good in life, and make the most of life’s joyous occasions! That’s how precious memories are made.

I think of the gifts I received growing up from my grandmothers, which, even when I was a child, were often chosen for their heirloom quality—whether a piece of family jewelry, a monogrammed silver dresser set, a hand-embroidered sampler, or a beautiful book with a personal inscription—things that made me feel a little more grown-up and special. Nowadays, the more tech-savvy equivalents might be the photo books I design for my children and the custom music mixes I give to friends each Christmas, but I still love monogrammed silver and linens, and I always aim to add a personal touch to the gifts I give.

In this fast-paced, technological age, I think we crave the handmade, the artisan-designed, the personal, one-of-a-kind, authentic elements that will endure rather than end up in a landfill. That’s not to say we don’t embrace technology, because it too enables us to make things that are more individual—whether it’s a custom-designed sneaker, a photo book, or a hand-printed T-shirt.

When you choose a personalized gift—whether it be monogrammed or relating to a special place or interest—it is clear you’ve chosen the gift specifically for that person, which makes it infinitely more meaningful than anything you might just pick out from a store (or regift!). It tells the recipient you took the time to really think of him or her, and what could be more thoughtful than that?