We want you to be thrilled with the gifts you select from our site, whether they’re for a friend or yourself, and to have confidence that your gifts will arrive beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us when you have questions about an item you’re interested in, or how best to monogram or personalize it, or if you have any questions or problems after the gift has been ordered or arrived. Your satisfaction is always our primary concern!

Please pay attention to the customization options for each item--they vary by item--and the amount of time your made-to-order item will take to arrive, which also varies greatly by item and artist. Personalized and handmade gifts generally take a little longer than off-the-shelf items, but they’re worth it! You can also find our fast-shipping items easily in the “I Need It Fast!” category.

Anything personalized has been custom-made just for you and cannot be resold, therefore we regret that once your order is placed, we cannot accept returns or cancellations, except in cases of damaged or defective items. Please double-check spelling carefully—we cannot be responsible for your errors inputting information! Items that have not been personalized can be returned within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping.

Please be sure that you select thread or type color (where relevant) and monogram style for EACH gift you order. Many gifts have different monogram and color options. 


For a three-letter monogram with a larger initial in the center: It is traditional to place the last-name initial in the center, and the first and middle initials (or wife’s and husband’s first initials) on either side. For most items, we ask you to enter the initials in their normal order (FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST) and we will place the last initial in the center. If you'd like a joint monogram, please enter in this order: HER FIRST, HIS FIRST, THEIR LAST initial. 
Traditionally, the woman’s initials are used for monogramming items for the home, but it can also be nice when couples share a last name to have the first initials of husband and wife flanking the shared last initial. When a married woman keeps her own name, we suggest considering one of our two-letter monograms, and using the initials of both last names (and no first names).

Single initials can be either for a first name (for informal or personal gifts such as note cards or a cosmetics case) or last name (especially for formal or couple/family gifts such as linen napkins, guest towels, glassware, ice buckets, shared stationery, etc.), depending on your personal preference.

In addition to the traditional one-, two- and three-letter monograms, there are many other fun ways to personalize an item, whether it is embroidered, engraved or printed. Consider:

• Full names or nicknames--of kids, last name, boat name, house name, pets, or: His/Hers/Ours, Mr./Mrs., Big Sister/Brother
• The date: engagement, wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, First Holy Communion or confirmation
• A college, school, fraternity/sorority or club
• An address, town, house number, house name or zip code
• A company name or a professional title (such as Dr. or Esq.)
• Place for the item to be used--Beach, Pool, School, Car, Lake House, etc.
• If it’s a container, what it will hold--Mail, Keys, Flip-Flops, Toys, Sports Gear, Towels, etc.